TD-0 (New Student Orientation)

August 16-18, 2018

Welcome to the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps at Purdue University! Training Day Zero (TD-0) is an orientation program that can help you be begin to your experience as a cadet on the right foot. Attendance is voluntary, but it is a great way to learn about Air Force ROTC before classes start and ease you into college. TD-0 will be August 16-18 and will teach you the basics needed to perform as a new cadet. It will also help you feel more prepared and knowledgeable about AFROTC in general. Throughout the course of the program you will be taught basic drill movements, learn how to wear your uniform, experience your first physical training (PT) session, and meet many of your fellow cadets. TD-0 is run by sophomore cadets who will show you the ropes and be a major source of information and assistance during your first year.

TD-0 will occur on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of Boiler Gold Rush (BGR). We would still encourage you to attend as much of BGR as you can.  To confirm your attendance at TD-0, please fill out the online RSVP Form by 20 July 2018 (see link below)

For ALL new cadets:

Please bring the following: 

  • State certified birth certificate with raised seal or proof of US citizenship if born abroad (original only, will be copied and returned)
  • Social Security Card (original only, will be copied and returned)
  • Previous College transcripts or transfer College credits (includes dual credited courses)
  • High School AP credit transcripts (if not mailed to detachment, only unopened transcripts will be accepted)
  • Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout, Girl Scout, or Cadet Senior Scout with Gold Palm Award paperwork (if applicable--original only, will be copied and returned)
  • Civil Air Patrol Award--Billy Mitchell Award, Amelia Earhart Award, Carl Spaatz Award (if applicable--original only, will be copied and returned)
  • Private Pilot's license (if applicable)
  • JROTC certificate of completion and Letter from JROTC Commander (if applicable--should contain amount of time in program and be on official JROTC letterhead signed by JROTC commander)
  • If your parents/legal guardians are current or prior military please bring the following information: branch, highest rank held, and time in service
  • Selective Service Card (males only - 18 yrs or older) or registration number
  • Name and address of any law enforcement offices that issued you a ticket or fined you, and also the dates of the incident(s)

Also, complete the sports physical and questionnaire (link at bottom of page) before you come to TD-0. You can schedule to have it done with your family physician over the summer or on campus. If you do not have this done, you will not be able to participate in some TD-0 activities. Please bring the hard copy with you on the first day of TD-0 you will not be able to participate in physical training without a completed sports physical. 

For all cadets who will be on Air Force ROTC scholarship: 

Please bring all the items above plus the direct deposit form. We would also like you to review the following documents (with your parents/guardians if possible) to understand your Air Force obligations once activating your scholarship. You simply need to review the documents. We will go over all the documents and complete signatures during TD-0. 

- Scholarship documents description

- Scholarship Statement of Understanding

- Pre Enlistment Briefing

- AFROTC 1056 (if under the age 18 prior to 17 August please contact the detachment so the proper accommodations can be made) 

- DD4


Physical Fitness

There is a level of physical fitness which is expected of all of the cadets in AFROTC. To help you meet these standards and hopefully exceed them, we have included a six-week physical training regimen to prepare you physically before the program begins.


REMINDER: All incoming Freshmen need to add AFT 110, AFT 111 (Th 7:30-9:20), and PES 114 - AFROTC Conditioning to their schedules for Fall 2017. If you are new cadet who will be starting as a sophomore, please contact the detachment for more information.


As a summary:

RSVP for TD-0 here:

Fill out the sports physical and questionnaire and bring it to TD-0 w/ the physical signed by your physician. 

Bring the required items listed above in the new cadets section. If you were awarded an AFROTC scholarship, review the documents in that section and bring the direct deposit form to TD-0

Register for AFT 110, AFT 111 (Th 7:30-9:20), and PES 114 (AFROTC conditioning). This will automatically admit you into the program.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Detachment 220 by phone at 765-494-2042, or by email at

This page current as of June 13, 2018