AT Electronic Plan of Study Checksheet


We encourage students to have a draft PLAN OF STUDY on file by the end of their first semester. In order to graduate, the Graduate School REQUIRES that an approved Plan of Study be on file, in FINAL form, before the start of the final semester of study (refer to the Graduation Deadlines Calendar).

  • Includes 24 (thesis option) or 30 semester hours (coursework only) in the table portion of the EPOS
  • Should include the following core courses or approved substitutes as listed below:
  • STAT 501 or IT 507
  • AT 505 or TECH 646 (Thesis option)
  • AT 698  research credits (Thesis option)

(Note: AT 698 should NOT be listed in the EPOS’s regular coursework table section. Only courses you receive a letter grade in are to be listed there).

  • No undergraduate courses in (300 & 400) primary area without permission from your major advisor. These may only be used with such permission and only when followed by appropriate 500-and 600 level courses. Such permissions should be indicated in a Special Note on the EPOS. Note that no more than 6 semester hours of 300 – 400 level courses may be approved and a grade of “B” or better is required.
  • Maximum of 12 total credits earned as undergraduate credit excess and post-baccalaureate.
  • Maximum of 6 semester hours of independent study ( AT 590).
  • Chair and first member of Advisory Committee must must be faculty in Aviation Technology