Other Areas

The Master of Science degree in Computer Graphics Technology is highly flexible and enables students to take coursework in one or more of the areas below and create an individualized plan of study.

Building Information Modeling

Combining graphics expertise with broad construction knowledge, building information modeling (BIM) is helping to revolutionize the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry through its transformative and collaborative approach.

Related faculty: Hazar Dib, Clark Cory

Computational Art

Related Faculty: Esteban Garcia Bravo

Computer Graphics Programming

Computer graphics programming prepares students for jobs in research and development on computer graphics topics such as mgeometric and procedural modeling, object reconstruction, GPU-oriented computing, real-time computer graphics, and simulations. Our alumni have found jobs in major companies and research labs such as Adobe, Apple, DreamWorks, Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Samsung, Siemens,  and Square Enix.

Related Faculty: Bedrich BenesTim McGraw

Product Lifecycle Management

Modern product manufacturing is increasingly supported by data-driven design, production and support throughout a product’s lifecycle. By taking coursework in product lifecycle management, you will learn to use the latest tools to effectively communicate and support each step in the product’s lifecycle, focusing on using trusted processes based on information technology and how the product is used. In the workforce, digital data and the data stream make the workflow for design, manufacturing, collaboration and sustainment more efficient.

Related Faculty: Jorge Dorribo Camba, Nathan Hartman