Program Requirements

Most full time students complete their M.S. in 4 semesters (2 years). However, a student has up to 5 years to complete the degree.

Sample Plan of Study

The MS degree in Computer Graphics Technology is highly flexible, allowing for coursework to be taken both within CGT and across other graduate programs on campus. The plan of study below indicates the courses required to complete the MS degree with a thesis, along with the semester in which these courses are typically taken. For more details about program structure and requirements, please see the program handbook available on the Forms and Documents page. The information below reflects the requirements for students starting in Fall 2018 and later; if you entered the program before this time, please refer to program requirements in the MS Graduate Handbook for the term when you entered.

Fall Spring

CGT Focus Area Course (3 cr.)

CGT Focus Area Course (3 cr.)

CGT Focus Area Course (3 cr.)

CGT 501-00 (3 cr.): CGT Seminar

CGT Non-Focus Area Elective (3 cr.)

CGT or other related area course (3 cr.)

STAT 501 or equivalent (3 cr.)


Fall Spring

CGT or other related area course (3 cr.)

STAT/MA or TECH 646-00 or TECH 697-00 (3 cr.)

CGT 698-00 (2 cr.) Research MS Thesis*

CGT 698-00 (4 cr.) Research MS Thesis*

CGT or other related area course (3 cr.)

*Students being admitted into the MS program with a focus in UX Design will be expected to complete a non-thesis capstone project, which will alter this plan of study - please see
Students in this focus area may apply to complete a traditional research thesis in their first semester, and should discuss this option with their academic advisor.

Core courses

Methods Courses

  • STAT 501-00: Experimental Statistics I, or equivalent (e.g., IT 507-00)

  • TECH 646-00: Analysis of Research in Industry and Technology OR a graduate course in MA/STAT OR TECH 697-00: Qualitative Research Methods In Technology Studies

Focus Area Courses

  • 3 graduate courses in CGT that fit within the student's desired focus area. Some focus areas may identify specific courses to take.

Related Area Courses

  • 3 graduate courses of the student's choice within or outside of CGT. At least one of these courses must be taken outside of the student's identified focus area.

Thesis research or Non-Thesis Capstone

At this time, only the UX Design focus area offers a non-thesis capstone option. For all other students, a thesis must be completed and 6 hours of CGT 698-00 must be taken.

  • CGT 698-00 (6 cr.): Research MS Thesis (only for thesis students)
  • CGT 597-00 (6 cr.): Directed MS Capstone (only for non-thesis students)