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Deadlines- The Graduate School maintains the official list of deadlines for students preparing to graduate. Find the whole list on the Graduate Deadlines Calendar web page.

Declaring Graduation Candidacy - A Form 23 Registration Form is used to declare graduation candidacy. Online self-registration is not permitted to declare candidacy. Take the completed Form 23 to Debbie Hulsey in Rm 467, Knoy Hall for processing prior to the posted deadline. NOTE: In order to be eligible to graduate an approved Plan of Study must be on file with the Graduate School before the start of your final semester (see Graduation Deadlines Calendar for deadline).

Continuing from a TECH MS to the TECH PhD - M.S. student desiring to continue into thePurdue Polytechnic Institute Doctor of Philosophy should see the policy governing continuation. If interested, students should begin this process at the beginning of the semester in which they declare candidacy.

MS and PhD Thesis/Dissertation Candidates - Please refer to the Purdue Polytechnic Thesis and Dissertation Formatting page (linked in the sidebar) for valuable information regarding the formatting, completion and processing of your theses/dissertations. You will need to prepare and bring to the final defense the GS Form 9, GS Form 19 and GS Form 20. Please refer to these Required Forms and Format Checklists on the Grad School website.

Scheduling the Final Defense - The major professor and student are jointly responsible for finding a common date and time when all advisory committee members can meet for the examination and this must occur within the deadlines established by the Purdue Polytechnic & Graduate School.

Directed Project Students: The Form 1 needs to be filled out and submitted to the Grad Office, Knoy 467 NO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EXAMINATION DATE.  See the Forms and Documents link in the sidebar.

Thesis MS & Doctoral Students:  The GS Form 8 needs to be filled out and submitted to the Grad Office, Knoy 150 NO LESS THAN TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EXAMINATION DATE. See the Forms and Documents link in the sidebar.


Students are required to meet with the Purdue Polytechnic Thesis Format Advisor, at least two weeks before they defend their Thesis or Dissertation. The last date to meet for a thesis formatting appointment is 2 weeks prior to the last day to defend the thesis or dissertation.  A thesis formatting appointment is now mandatory.  If you do not meet with the Purdue Polytechnic Thesis Format Advisor and get the approval signature on the Form 9 you will not graduate this semester. This does not apply to Directed Project students. For more information view the Thesis Formatting linked in the sidebar.


Submitting the college copy of the Directed Project, PhD and MS Thesis on paper will no longer be accepted.  We are now requiring a digital copy for the Purdue Polytechnic be submitted electronically to the Purdue e-Pubs site.  PhD and MS Thesis students will still electronically deposit their thesis with the Graduate School as required, but will now also submit a digital copy for the college to the Purdue e-Pubs site.

  • DIRECTED PROJECT STUDENTS: The completed & signed Signature Cover Page of the Directed Project must be delivered to the Graduate Office, Knoy 150.  Both need to be submitted simultaneously (refer to the Directed Project Deadlines Calendar). The signed Report Cover Page will not be accepted until an electronic copy of the Directed Project has been submitted to the Purdue Polytechnic Purdue e-Pubs site.
  • PhD and MS THESIS STUDENTS: The final signature on the Form 9 will be the Head of the Graduate Program, Dr. Kathy Newton. Please see Debbie Hulsey in Knoy 150 to obtain Dr. Newton’s signature on the Form 9.  After depositing your thesis electronically with the Graduate School, you will then submit the college copy electronically at the Purdue Polytechnic Purdue Libraries e-Pubs site.
  • How to Submit through Purdue e-Pubs

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