University Graduate Student Resources

This page provides a one-stop list of important resources for graduate students that was compiled by the Technology Graduate Student Advisory Committee (TGSAC).

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

What they Provide: Review of research protocols that involved humans. Any graduate student research requiring the use of humans for data collection and reporting requires IRB approval.

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

What they Provide: Required training/certification for graduate students and faculty.

Statistical Consulting Service (SCS) at Purdue University

What They Provide: The Department of Statistics provides statistical software and design consulting services for the University community – free of charge.  The Statistical Consulting Service can help you with statistical software problems and data analysis issues.  Statistical Software Consulting provides assistance with the set up and running of a wide variety of statistical computing programs, including SAS, SPSS, Minitab and S-Plus. Software consulting is available in MATH G175 on a drop-in basis.  Experimental Design and Data Analysis Consulting is available during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.  Services include assistance with all phases of research projects: proposal preparation, design of studies, survey design, data input strategies, data import/export, analysis of data, interpretation of results, presentation of results, and other statistics or probability problems.

Purdue University Graduate School Workshops

What They Provide: Free workshops are offered to graduate students in the following areas: mentoring, teaching, leadership, entrepreneurships, communication, grantsmanship, service, research ethics, administrative, and graduate education.  Specific topics include: grant writing, data management, authorship and publication, funding opportunities, and academic portfolio preparation.

Center for Instructional Excellence (CIE)

What They Provide: Graduate student TAs can obtain various certificates by completing a series of free workshops and seminars.  The certificates include: Graduate Teaching Certificate (GTC), Graduate Teacher Certificate Alternative, Advanced Graduate Teacher Certificate (AGTC), Preparing Future Faculty Program (PFFP), and the Graduate Teacher Technology Certificate (GT2C).  In addition, the website provides teaching tips, teaching consultation, and information about instructional data processing (e.g., test scoring and page scanning services).

Purdue University Libraries How-To Guides

What They Provide: Free guides are offered by Purdue University Libraries for students, and some of the topics include: EndNote Basic, , Citation Management at Purdue, Plagiarism, and Two Minute Tips for Education Students.

Span Plan Adult Student Services

Note: Although SPAN focuses on nontraditional undergraduate students at Purdue University, this information was included as a possible resource for nontraditional graduate students as well.
What They Provide: The staff of the Span Plan Adult Student Services Program is committed to assisting and encouraging adult, nontraditional students at Purdue University. The definition of a Purdue University adult student includes any undergraduate student meeting one of the following three criteria:

  • A student who experienced a minimum three year break between completing high school and attending higher education
  • A student who experienced an interruption of two or more years while pursuing higher education
  • A student who is married and/or a parent

Purdue University Student Activities & Organizations (SAO)

What They Provide: Provides students with opportunities to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership and engage in experiences that address individual and community needs that include understanding of self and others, acceptance of responsibilities inherent in community membership, and appreciation of diverse ideas, backgrounds, and lifestyles.  The SAO website provides information about the Boiler Volunteer Network, Leadership Development, and how to get involved in various student organizations and clubs at Purdue University.

Information Technology at Purdue (ITaP) – Software Remote

What They Provide: Software Remote (formerly DACS) provides free access to software from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser. Many software programs are available, including Adobe/Macromedia products, SAS, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD. The software programs appear to run on your desktop, but are actually running on the Software Remote servers. Keyboard strokes, mouse clicks, and screen updates are transmitted between your computer and the server. Because of this technology, these software programs can even be used with a dialup Internet connection.

The Graduate School – Funding Info for Students

What They Provide: Fellowships, Scholarships, Training Grants, & Travel Grants.

Purdue University Ombudsman

What They Provide: Unbiased 3rd Party to mediate between Graduate Students and their program. The Graduate School offers two venues for you to gain assistance in resolving problems and conflicts.

Office of the Dean of Students – Schleman Hall (Scholastic Dishonesty & Plagiarism)

What They Provide: Deal with issues of dishonesty and plagiarism.

Purdue University Certification Process (Certification for FERPA, Data Security, HIPAA, etc.)

What They Provide: In order to work with students’ grades in an assistantship role, graduate students must first become FERPA certified. Depending on other roles a graduate student may encounter while obtaining their graduate degree, additional training certificates may need to be completed. Use the links below for the necessary training.

Purdue Writing Lab: Heavilon Hall 226 (Also available: Purdue’s Online Writing Lab)

What They Provide: Offers various free services including one-on-one tutorials, business writing consultation, writing, grammar, and research assistance, and ESL conversation groups

ITaP Contracts and Licensing at South Campus Court C

What They Provide: Purdue offers many different software packages at little or no cost to Purdue students. Students can purchase software at the BoilerCopyMaker in the Union (Room 157). 

ITaP Desktop Computing Services (DCS)

What They Provide: DCS provides desktop computing solutions to participating academic and administrative units on the West Lafayette campus. The staff provides purchasing, installation, and troubleshooting services for both Windows and Macintosh platforms, Blackberry PDAs, and software.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

What They Provide: You can use any secure FTP program to connect to your Purdue home directory. Use for the server name and log in with your Purdue career account login and password.

ITAP Customer Service Center

What They Provide: ITaP Customer Service Center can help with a variety of issues such as changing your email address after a name change, such as getting married. Questions? Email –

Purdue University Child Care Services

What They Provide: Website provides information about various resources and referral programs to assist parents in finding information about on- and off- campus child care and summer camp offerings. Specific information on family-friendly practices, family resources, parental support, and educational opportunities can also be found on this site.