External funding for January 2014

During January 2014, the College of Technology received external funding totaling $1,404,496.58.

Faculty who received funding (all are principal investigators unless otherwise noted) were:

  • Stephen Elliott (PI) and Kevin O'Connor (co-PI), Technology Leadership and Innovation, ISO IEC Directives, American National Standards Institute, $9,000
  • Mark French (PI) and Davin Huston (co-PI), Mechanical Engineering Technology, WIsper - Hearing Assistance over Wi-Fi, Inn and Comm CTR-Info Tech Division, $6,400
  • Denver Lopp (PI) and David Stanley (co-PI), Aviation Technology, AirTIES, Aero Engine Controls, $25,000
  • Qingyou Han, Mechanical Engineering Technology

    • Center for Materials Processing Research, Zibo Hongtai Anti Corrosion Co, $50,000
    • Increased Die Life, Chrysler Corporation, $160,000
    • with Duane Dunlap (co-PI), Electrical Engineering Technology, Non-Destructive Testing (Welds) and Crack Detection, Chrysler Corporation, $250,000
    • Shot Tooling, Chrysler Corporation, $50,000
  • Yi Jiang, Building Construction Management

    • Friction Surface Treatment Selection, Indiana Department of Transportation, $95,000
    • Site Selection for New Lighting Technologies, Indiana Department of Transportation, $125,000
  • Alejandra Magana, Computer and Information Technology, Collaborative Proposal Category 1: Learning Quantum Mechanics through Modeling-Based Instruction: Advancing STEM Education across Scale and Disciplines, Purdue University, $216,165.48
  • Brandeis Marshall (co-PI), Computer and Information Technology,  Project No. 2: Rotorcraft ASIAS, Federal Aviation Administration, $8,611.10
  • Helen McNally, Electrical Engineering Technology, Efficacy and Anticonvulsant Mechanism of Ketogenesis in CNSOxygen Toxicity, University of South Florida, $61,580
  • John Mott, Aviation Technology, A3IR CORE, Delta Air Lines Inc, $30,000
  • Mark Thom (PI) and David Stanley (co-PI), Aviation Technology, Carburetor Ice Test Methodology Evaluation, Coordinating Research Council Inc.,  $134,415
  • Haiyan Zhang, Mechanical Engineering Technology,

    • (co-PI) Elimination of NVH Sources, Chrysler Corporation, $83,325
    • Gear Manufacturing Simulation and Tool Life Optimization, Chrysler Corporation, $100,000

The amounts listed are disbursements in a specific month and may not reflect the entire amount of a project’s funding.