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Construction class builds tiny home to help community

“Every semester I start by challenging the students and asking them how they want to change the world. This year we made a tiny home,” said Kirk Alter, associate professor of construction management at Purdue University.

The tiny home project will address the issue of housing for the homeless, battered women and people re-entering society from prison.

“One of the things that the students have learned,” Alter said, “is that we don’t need heroes, we need partners — partners in our communities.”

Underwood's tenacity pays off with Emmy

Evan Underwood

Payoff: Emmy Award for his company, FuseFX

​Education: Bachelor's degree in computer graphics technology (CGT)

His efforts resulted in a 2015 Emmy Award for his company, FuseFX (founded by Purdue mechanical engineering alumnus Dave Altenau). The team won for Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role for their work on “American Horror Story: Freak Show”. As the title may suggest, the computer graphics team created a gross mouth deformity for Twisty the Clown that had to be blended with film of the actor.