Research Management

Assist the Polytechnic faculty with all aspects of planning, obtaining and managing a sponsored research project. 


  • Development of a project management plan
  • Coordinate with departments needed to submit proposal

    • SPS Pre-Award, Business Office, IRB, Contracting, etc.
  • Sponsor Engagement

    • Polytechnic representative for business processes
    • Initial contract review
    • IP initial discussions

Post Award:

  • Budget/Expenditure related issues (tracking, adjustments) – in collaboration with BO & SPS
  • Understanding of award terms and conditions
  • Purchasing – Small items BO, Capital Equipment purchase assistance.
  • Meeting logistics
  • Agency requests/response
  • IRB issues
  • Amendment/Continuation documentation – w/BO & SPS
  • Close out assistance

SPS/Business Office/Budget

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