Holistic Safety and Security


Population growth and innovation are driving increasingly complex socio-technical infrastructures and system sustainability and resiliency are needed. But there continues to be inquiry into the safety, potential threats, and security of people and systems. HSS RIA has the unique capacity to bridge the gaps between theory and application, the flexibility of expertise and approaches, and a proven record of innovation. Therefore, our vision is to bring a holistic approach to create an increasingly sustainable, safe, and secure society by applying and integrating innovative State of the Art technologies into applications in the real world.

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Purdue professors are trying to eliminate a return to prison for recently released criminals by using artificial intelligence research to lower the rate at which the parolees recommit crimes. (Matthew Ansley/Unsplash)

Purdue Polytechnic’s Marcus Rogers and Umit Karabiyik are developing technology that could help parolees avoid recommitting crimes and better reintegrate into general society.

An illustration of the machine learning process for detecting evidence of cybercrime in the cloud

Fahad Salamh, Marcus Rogers and Umit Karabiyik have developed a cloud forensic model using machine learning to collect digital evidence related to illegal activities on cloud storage applications like Dropbox and Google Drive.

The Purdue Toolkit for Selective Analysis and Reconstruction of Files (FileTSAR)

FileTSAR, an all-in-one cybersecurity toolkit developed by Purdue Polytechnic researchers and their colleagues, is helping detectives dust for digital fingerprints.

Involved Faculty Expertise

  • Autonomous Systems
  • Cybersecurity
  • Human Factors
  • Physical Safety
  • STEM Education Research
  • Sustainability
  • Systems & Networks
  • Transportation

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2019-2020 Seed Grant RFP

2018-2019 Travel Request Template

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Faculty Champion

Baijian "Justin" Yangyang
associate professor of computer and information technology

“Safety and security concerns develop from many actors and through many different technologies in our advancing society. By applying inter-disciplinary, holistic community approaches to these problems, we will build safer and more secure systems, and in turn, build stronger communities.”

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