Our students learn through hands on experiences. Each department maintains and updates its learning facilities to provide real-world experiences for their students. In addition, certain labs were created to focus on research led by faculty in the department.

The Aviation Electronics Lab is typically home to approximately 20 hours/week of scheduled 200-, 300-, and 400-level courses on topics from introductory aircraft electronics to complex aerospace digital circuits.

The Materials Lab provides customers testing and evaluation of hardware and seals under exposure to Next-Generation Aviation fuels. The Materials lab also offers the capability for facilitation of off-site testing and data interpretation.

Gas Turbine Engine Test Cells

Turbo-Prop Engine Test Cells

Turboshaft Test Stand


Hangar of the Future Research Laboratory is a research arm of the Aerospace & MRO Technology Innovation Center, one of several multi-disciplinary, collaborative research areas in the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology at Purdue. HOF works on innovative solutions to data and process visualization challenges in aerospace manufacturing and air vehicle lifecycle management of today’s smart aircraft.

In addition to their access to a fleet of aircraft, Purdue Polytechnic Institute students augment their aviation training without leaving the ground. The Holleman-Niswonger Simulator Center features several types of flight training devices for hands-on training in controlled environments.

The Operations Control Center lab provides students with opportunities to study and optimize over 100 flight operations per day. This experience prepares students to work in airline-type network operations centers or in the FAA's command center.

The Raisbeck Advanced Composite Laboratory is a multi-disciplinary laboratory for the manufacturing of advanced composite materials. The laboratory is equipped to support the complete composite material manufacturing process, from part and mold design to final part manufacturing. Faculty and staff are experts in composite part, mold and ply design and manufacturing processes.