Holleman-Niswonger Simulator Center

The Holleman-Niswonger Simulator Center features several types of flight training devices for hands-on training in controlled environments.

  • Task trainers
  • Cirrus SR20 aircraft simulators
  • CRJ-700 airliner simulator
  • Phenom 100 jet simulator

The task trainers teach routine procedures, such as inputting flight plans. The Cirrus SR20 aircraft simulators replicate our primary training aircraft. The Phenom 100 jet simulator is particularly relevant because students are required to fly 10 hours in the university’s Phenom 100 jet to earn their degrees.

The seats, controls and digitized displays are accurate to within 1/16 of an inch of the real planes' equipment. Projection screens can simulate any weather condition, and the instruments and displays respond exactly as their real counterparts would. This allows student pilots and co-pilots to experience life-like taxiing, flying and landing experiences.

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