Year in Review

Year in Review


Information about the Purdue Polytechnic, whether it focuses on people, programs or the transformation, is shared through more channels than ever. Whether one counts Facebook shares or newsroom views, the most engaging information is delivered to audiences in a variety of ways. In 2016, national exposure came from a surprise television appearance and a unique approach to teaching technology. Honors for professors and academic programs continue to attract the most interaction and engagement with all audiences.

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The Purdue Polytechnic has been fortunate to make connections with like-minded supporters who work to help the college succeed. Their efforts complement the college’s mission to provide top-notch programs and facilities while easing the financial burden of students. Academic partnerships across campus and around the world also have resulted in more complex and collaborative projects with far-reaching impacts.


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Designated as a Purdue Moves initiative and designed to redefine higher education and better prepare STEM graduates for the digital age, the college’s transformation saw notable progress across its courses, curricula, and plans of study. Each of the college’s six schools and departments made progress in the 10 elements of transformation, including student-centered active learning, team project-based learning, integrated learning- in-context curricula, competency-based credentialing, and faculty-to-student mentorship.






Demand for Purdue Polytechnic programs is growing as the college continues its transformation and offers new programs, innovative learning methods and curricula, and unique out-of-classroom experiences. At West Lafayette, the number of Fall 2016 new beginners reached 753 with an additional net gain of 234 students who transferred in from other majors, bringing the total number of new undergraduates to nearly 1,000. At the eight Purdue Polytechnic Statewide locations, the number of delivered student credit hours increased 19 percent from 2015.

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