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Template Offer Letters for Faculty and other Research/Instructional positions:

Templates for many faculty and faculty related positions are now maintained on the Provost’s Office website. Because these letters now serve as contracts, some language must be used verbatim as provided; these parts of the text are highlighted in yellow in the templates. Black and red text indicates suggested template language. Red identifies special situations/or alternative solutions to a decision point. Black should address the majority of “standard” offers. Sections that are irrelevant to a particular offer – i.e., FY language for an AY appointment – can be deleted. Please use only these templates for your offer letters going forward.   The positions impacted are listed below and can be found on the Provost’s website:

Faculty Tenure-track

Faculty with Tenure

Clinical Faculty

Post Doctoral Employee

Visiting Faculty

Continuing Lecturer

Visiting Scholar

Limited-term Lecturer

Research Faculty

Adjunct Faculty

Affiliate Faculty


Purdue Polytechnic Institute Graduate Offer Letter Templates

Graduate RA Offer Letter Template

Graduate TA Offer Letter Template


For positions advertised and searched for through the Human Resources process (listed below), please see the following web site for supervisory resources including offer letter templates for staff positions.  Please see your business office payroll representative or your business manager if assistance is needed.  There is now one offer letter template used for Management/Professional, Administrative/Professional Assistant, Nonexempt Operations Assistant, Nonexempt Clerical/Service positions. The web form is located under the supervisor resources.