Research Interests

Faculty Research Interests

Nicoletta Adamo's picture
Educational Technology, HCC, Visualization, Character Animation
Yingjie Chen's picture
Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Visualization and Visual Analytics, AI in Computer Graphics
Clark Cory's picture
Smart Home Technology, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Construction Visualization & Illustration, Visual Communication Information, AR/VR
John Finnegan's picture
Design, Narrative Story Telling, Color Science, Lighting, Set and Architectural Design, User Experience Design
Angus Forbes's picture
visualization, computational art, graphics
Esteban Garcia Bravo's picture
Animation, Art & Technology, Interactive Technologies, Physical Computing, Visualization
Nandhini Giri's picture
Expertise Development, Human-centered Experience Design, Entertainment Research
Ronald Glotzbach's picture
Mobile Web Programming, Database Integration, e-Commerce and e-Business, Web Development, Database Design and Application
Nathan Hartman's picture
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), CAD data exchange and interoperability, Industry 4.0, Digital Enterprise, Model-based definition
Raymond Hassan's picture
3D Visualization, 3D Education
Liang He's picture
Digital Fabrication, Accessibility, Human-Computer Interaction, Haptics
Robert Howard's picture
Video Game Design
Tim McGraw's picture
Virtual reality, Scientific visualization, Game development, Computational arts, Real-time graphics
James Mohler's picture
Computer graphics, Spatial Ability, Spatial Assessment & Visual Intelligence, Academic leadership
Carlos Morales's picture
Integration of digital video, animation and interactive technology for visual training solutions
Christos Mousas's picture
Virtual Reality, Virtual Humans, Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Human-Computer Interaction, Intelligent Systems
Paul Parsons's picture
design cognition, data visualization, cognitive systems, design practice, human-computer interaction
Christian Rogers's picture
Instructional Design/Educational Technology, Human Computer Interface Video Production
Christian Rogers's picture
Instructional Design/Educational Technology, Human Computer Interface Video Production
Daniel Triplett's picture
Game Art and Technology
David Whittinghill's picture
Software Engineering, Modeling, Simulation, Visualization, Game Development and Design, Physically Based Rendering/Global Illumination, Computer Programming Education