Because our majors benefit from hands-on experiences to to assist in their learning, they need up-to-date labs and research facilities. Each department maintains and updates its learning facilities to provide real-world and technology experiences for their students. In addition, certain labs were created to focus on one type of research, led by faculty in the department.

The team of the International Center for Biometric Research use this facility to support the applied research of biometric technologies with a continued commitment to education and innovative research, as well as engaging academia, government and industry in all activities.

The ETTE Research and Teaching Lab is a research and teaching facility focused on secondary level teaching STEM concepts within secondary technology education.

The Supply Chain Management Technology Laboratory is dedicated to support teaching, evaluation, and research in multiple areas including warehousing, supply chain management, inventory management, financial planning for distribution, logistics, technical sales and sales management and safety. What makes the laboratory unique is the focus on simulating an industrial warehouse environment with flexible demonstration modules and simulation capabilities for multiple activities within industrial supply chains.