HRD Virtual Lab

Purdue HRD (Human Resource Development) Virtual Lab was established to advance HRD theory and practice by investigating how skills acquisition can be augmented through virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, particularly for training and development. As workplace automation, digital economy, and knowledge work is rapidly shaping future work and learning, there is an emerging need to study potential applications and explore research and practice implications of these technologies to HRD functions.

The Lab is equipped with an ever-growing array of technology to support such research. The Lab is equipped with virtual reality (Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, and Oculus Quest 2) and augmented reality (Microsoft HoloLens Gen1 and Gen2) hardware, computers capable of delivering virtual reality content, 360-degree GoPro Omni camera and GoPro Fusion camera, and biometric data devices (iMotion Shimmers) for empirically studying and investigating the training experience through such technologies. The Lab also provides educational and instructional opportunities for both students in the HRD major and the Polytechnic Institute and presents them with innovative learning experiences utilizing cutting-edge technology. Such unique experiences will ensure that HRD students are at the leading edge of HRD science, technology, and practice in advancing HRD education.



Facility Location Faculty Contact
YONG 362 & 366 Mesut Akdere