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Purdue Polytechnic in the news
Faculty and staff in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute were recognized in May for their achievements during the 2019-2020 academic year.
Published: May 07, 2020
Hayley Grisez (front, center)
Hayley Grisez, a rising sophomore studying engineering/technology teacher education (ETTE), was honored with Purdue Student Life’s Emerging Leader award.
Published: May 05, 2020
Purdue Polytechnic research
Funded research awards for March 2020.
Published: April 30, 2020
Mark Zimpfer
Mark Zimpfer, assistant professor of practice in Purdue Polytechnic’s School of Construction Management Technology, helped his students adapt to remote learning by incorporating detailed...
Published: April 29, 2020
Students from Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG) Region 9 using virtual reality forklift simulation in the HMIN Drives Dreams Pathway with HMIN’s Brandon Parker.
The Indiana Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (IN-MaC) and Honda Manufacturing of Indiana (HMIN) have partnered to create the HMIN Drives Dreams Pathway (HDDP) IN-MaC Design and Innovation...
Published: April 28, 2020
The GroPod under-counter appliance
Today’s victory gardens are getting a high-tech makeover with a home appliance created by two Purdue Polytechnic graduates.
Published: April 27, 2020
U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon
Engineering technology and construction management technology students worked together to win second place in the Elementary School category at the Solar Decathlon Design Challenge.
Published: April 23, 2020
Nicole Hands (Purdue University photo/Rebecca McElhoe)
Nicole Hands received Purdue’s Exceptional Early Career Teaching Award.
Published: April 22, 2020
Mark French
Mark French makes science fun through 370-plus videos that have been collectively viewed more than 7 million times.
Published: April 14, 2020
Nathalie Duval-Couetil
Nathalie Duval-Couetil was named one of 12 new ambassadors to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) Initiative.
Published: April 10, 2020
Virtual Food Drive
Instead of gathering food donations as faculty, staff and students work and study remotely, eight major academic units at Purdue are sponsoring a virtual food drive.
Published: April 10, 2020
Purdue University faculty and staff have begun producing medical supplies to deliver to hospitals in Indiana. Using test-bed manufacturing facilities at the university, they have produced safety glasses, face shields, disposable connectors for ventilators, and N95 masks that can be easily disinfected.
Purdue Polytechnic’s Nate Hartman is leading a volunteer group of 40 faculty and staff throughout the University to produce medical supplies for Indiana hospitals, including safety glasses...
Published: April 06, 2020
Esteban Garcia, Sarah M. Hubbard, Gozdem Kilaz, Byung-Cheol "B.C." Min, Michael W. Suckow, and Mesut Akdere
Purdue University's Board of Trustees approved the promotion of six Purdue Polytechnic faculty members.
Published: April 03, 2020
Purdue Polytechnic Research
Funded research awards for February 2020.
Published: March 31, 2020
Marcus Rogers
In an opinion piece for, Marcus Rogers, professor of computer and information technology, suggests that everyone be vigilant regarding their online actions.
Published: March 30, 2020
Fernanda Mendoza and Guadalupe Diaz Macias, sophomores at Goshen High School in Goshen, Indiana, display the support structure model they created for the TSA state competition.
More than 130 middle and high school students convened on the Purdue campus in late February to display their solutions to a variety of challenges including architectural design, computer...
Published: March 30, 2020
Purdue Polytechnic and Krannert School of Management are teaming to offer a combined degree program, with students earning an undergraduate degree in human resource development and a master’s degree in human resource management.
Purdue Polytechnic and Krannert School of Management are teaming to offer a combined degree program, with students earning an undergraduate degree in human resource development and a master’s...
Published: March 25, 2020
Mark T. Schuver
Mark T. Schuver, director of professional education for Purdue Online – Polytechnic Institute, received the Joseph M. Biedenbach Award for Distinguished Service from the Continuing...
Published: March 12, 2020
Rosemary Astheimer
New to teaching remotely? Rosemary Astheimer, assistant professor of practice in computer graphics technology, says that remote teaching techniques could benefit instructors and students even when...
Published: March 12, 2020