External funding for August-September 2012

During August-September 2012, the College of Technology received external funding that totaled  $1,863,262.

Faculty who received funding (all are principal investigators unless otherwise noted) were:


  • Nicoletta Adamo-Villani (Co-PI), Computer Graphics Technology, EXP: Collaborative Research: A System of Animation Gestures for Effective Teaching Avatars, National Science Foundation, $141,750
  • Gary Bertoline, College of Technology Administration; Robert Herrick (Co-PI), Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology; Michael Dyrenfurth (Co-PI), Technology Leadership & Innovation; and Kathryne Newton (Co-PI), Technology Leadership & Innovation, Dual MS Degrees focused on Technology, Innovation & Sustainability – Action 4, U.S. Department of Education, $66,796.
  • Robert Bruce, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Boeing Drilling Process Testing, The Boeing Company, $9,995
  • Christine Corum, Mechanical Engineering Technology, 2010-11 IPA Agreement, R.L. Roudebush Veterans Administration Medical Center, $28,250
  • Jenny Daugherty, Technology Leadership & Innovation, An Examination of Science and Technology Teachers Conceptual Learning Through Concept-Learning Based Engineering Professional Development; Amendment 1, Black Hills State University, $105,713
  • Nathalie Duval-Couteil, Technology Leadership & Innovation, Synthesis for Student IP Best Practices and Policy Development, National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance, $5,000
  • Thomas Hacker (Co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, NEES Operations:  FY 2010-FY2014 – Amend 18, National Science Foundation, $212,500
  • Qingyou Han (Co-PI), Mechanical Engineering Technology, Purdue School of Materials Engineering – Nanshan Aluminum Research Plan, Shandong Nanshan Aluminum Co Ltd, $140,000
  • Bradley Harriger, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing Education and Training Initiative Year 3, El Camino College, $59,526
  • Nathan Hartman, Computer Graphics Technology, Product Lifecycle Management Center of Excellence (PLM), General Motors Foundation, $15,000
  • Todd Kelley (Co-PI), Technology Leadership & Innovation, STEM Educational Impacts Delivered Through an Original Undergraduate Science Experiment in ISS, National Aeronautics And Space Administration, $6,721
  • Chad Laux, Technology Leadership & Innovation, Funding for Graduate Student, Purdue University Special Initiative Program, $20,894
  • Eric Matson, Computer and Information Technology, CPS: Synergy: Collaborative Research: Methodologies for Engineering with Plug-and-Learn Components: Formal Synthesis and Analysis Across Abstraction Layers, National Science Foundation, $350,000
  • James Mohler (Co-PI), College of Technology Administration; and Eric Matson (Co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, POSTECH Fellowship-Graduate Degree Collaboration, Pohang University of Science & Technology, $451,440
  • Marcus Rogers, Computer and Information Technology, Forensic Seminars, Multi-Sponsored Industrials, $9,000
  • Phillip Sanger, Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology, Exciting Senior Capstone Projects Solving U.S. Air Force Challenges, Western Carolina University $35,025
  • John Springer and Jeffrey Brewer (Co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, Virtual Tissue Bank project – Additional Funding, Indiana University Purdue University At Indianapolis, $195,652
  • Julia Taylor (Co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, Fall 2012 Symposium on Artificial Intelligence of Humor, National Science Foundation, $9,000
  • Ronald Sterkenburg, Aviation Technology, VARTM Training for NAVAIR, Naval Air Systems Command, $1,000

The amounts listed are disbursements in a specific month and may not reflect the entire amount of a project’s funding.