Engineering-Technology Teacher Education

Awareness and access: A research approach to changing perceptions and building Indiana’s future manufacturing workforce

Sascha Harrell, director of workforce development and education for Purdue’s Indiana Next Generation Manufacturing Competitiveness Center (IN-MaC), and Purdue Polytechnic’s Greg Strimel are collaborating on the creation of a long-term research project intended to study how industry and education can work together to change children’s perceptions about careers in manufacturing.

New partnership connects K-12 students to manufacturing and future teachers to industry

A unique partnership is helping get kids interested in robotics, manufacturing and programming while creating a pipeline of future talent for manufacturers in the Wabash Heartland Region. It’s also providing students in Purdue Polytechnic’s engineering/technology teacher education major with industry experience.

Future K-12 engineering-technology teachers want to build a technology-savvy manufacturing workforce

Jackson Otto, a junior in engineering-technology teacher education, used virtual reality, robotics and 3D printing to enhance the educational tour program at Subaru of Indiana Automotive as part of a summer undergraduate research/engagement initiative for pre-service teachers.