Office of Assessment & Accreditation

Purdue University

The Office of Assessment & Accreditation is responsible for managing and coordinating assessment and accrediting activities for both accredited and non-accredited Polytechnic programs.

What is Accreditation and Why is it Important?

Accreditation is a form of external validation for the college’s program, as judged by an external agency and its professional members. The agencies are evaluating the processes and assessment measures we have in place to ensure we are continually improving our curricula, and also what we're teaching is relevant and valuable in the workplace.

Accreditation requires that every aspect of a program is reviewed—courses, assignments, facilities, faculty, curriculum, and funding, to name a few.  It is a multi-year process, and requires a significant investment of time on the part of faculty and staff.  We feel it is time well spent, because it provides a measure of assurance for students and their families that we are doing what we say we are doing, and providing what we say we are providing.

Specialized Accredited Degree Programs

All baccalaureate programs offered by Purdue Polytechnic are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  Some of our programs utilize specialized accreditors to evaluate industry-specific educational and technical criteria. Programs that are new cannot receive specialized accreditation until the program has graduates for a specified period of time.

Choose a program below to see a list of majors and their accreditation designation.

Aeronautical Engineering Technology

Aviation Management

Professional Flight

Computer Graphics Technology

Computer Information Technology

Construction Management Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology

Industrial Engineering Technology

Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Organizational Leadership‚Äč

Technology Education

Office of Assessment Contact:

Stephen J Elliott

Associate Dean for Academic Programs



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