Wireless Network Applied Research Lab

Broadband is today’s communications gold standard. Virtually everybody wants it, but reaching users with secure, reliable, cost-effective broadband service remains an enormous challenge. The design, installation, integration, maintenance and extension of complex broadband networks have been both costly and time-consuming. Wireless broadband systems have become a part of our everyday lives and can meet a number of these challenges often not available via wired services. These systems can make delivery of high-demand technologies like broadband Internet access, voice over IP, video services, security surveillance and E1/T1 capabilities both faster and significantly less expensive. However, few people understand the complexities of the wireless networks needed to deliver the needed bandwidth to the end user. In the Wireless Network Applied Research Lab, through hands-on lab experiences and experimentation, students learn how to evaluate technical performance criteria, make comparisons among different systems, and match systems and equipment to the unique application needs of an organization’s users. The availability of many different wireless systems also offers additional opportunities for faculty and graduate-level research in wireless system design and applications.

Facility Location Faculty Contact
KNOY 376 Anthony Smith