Purdue Technology Alumni Board

The purpose of the Purdue Technology Alumni Board (PTAB) is to:

  • Support the efforts of Purdue Polytechnic Institute (formerly College of Technology)
  • Facilitate communication between the school and its alumni
  • Provide programs for professional growth, and
  • Enhance alumni relationships with the University and the Purdue Alumni Association.

As a new PTAB member you will be expected to attend at least 75% of the monthly board meetings (in person or virtually), actively participate in the annual planning meetings, contribute time to serve at events/programs, and adhere to the Bylaws and Membership Agreement for a three-year term.

PTAB Nomination Form

PTAB’s operating expenses are funded in-part through a dues-sharing agreement with the Purdue Alumni Association. Past examples of how that funding has been used to support Technology alumni are through professional development through a virtual Alumni Speaker Series, on-campus events like football tailgates, off campus events in Chicago and Indianapolis, and student support of graduation gifts.

For additional information, please contact Erin Perdue, alumni engagement officer, at 765-494-8763 or elperdue@purdueforlife.org.