Electrical Engineering Technology

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Electrical Engineering Technology

A major in the Electrical Engineering Technology Program

When you study electrical engineering technology, you study the lifeblood of today’s technology: electronics and computers. Electronics technology is a part of most everything society relies on, from air conditioning to airplanes, and from trains to televisions. And because technology is constantly evolving, you will be engaged in learning methods that will help you adapt to and embrace new technologies and their uses.

The electrical engineering principles you will learn can be applied in a wide range of careers, including biomedical, green energy, transportation, communications, entertainment and manufacturing. Our graduates have played a part in scientific advancements in a variety of industries. They have impacted lives and improved everyday uses of technology.

Special Features

  • Start your impact early by creating interesting electronic projects your first semester
  • Capitalize on real-world experience of your professors and industry partners
  • Apply all you’ve learned to a senior design project aimed at solving a current business or industry problem
Donald Malackowski Alumni Profile
I believe the education I received through the Technology program at Purdue provided me with a practical engineering advantage that enabled me to quickly progress along in my career path. I believe the Purdue program excels at bridging the gap between theoretical and practical engineering.
Donald Malackowski
Electrical Engineering Technology '88