Organizational Leadership

Organizational Leadership and Kokomo

All types of companies -- from a local restaurant to a regional bank to a Fortune 100 company -- need effective leadership in order to succeed. With an organizational leadership degree from Purdue, you’ll have the management and interpersonal communication skills to cultivate professional talent. Your time in the program will be focused on a highly individualized, practical approach to leadership to lead others to success.

From classes to internships, you’ll develop leadership and managerial skills to better prepare you for career opportunities. OL graduates are a source of professional talent for leadership positions in business, industry, government, and other organizations.

Special Features

  • Combine traditional leadership methods with the latest cutting-edge concepts
  • Take advantage of smaller classes taught by faculty from a variety of professional backgrounds
  • Gain an upper hand in employment by bringing practical skills to the workplace
Michael Dornhecker Alumni Profile
One of my professors told me that supervision technology was about working your way up from the bottom. He stated that my degree would get me an entry level supervisory position, more than likely on third shift, and from there it was up to me to figure out how to be successful by applying what I learned in class. That is exactly how it took place.
Michael Dornhecker
Organizational Leadership & Supervision ’84