Animation degree at Purdue Polytechnic


A major in the Computer Graphics Technology Program

Computer animation is everywhere, not only in entertainment but also in education, product and packaging, construction, healthcare and courtrooms as well as new applications yet to be discovered.

When you major in animation at Purdue University, you will focus on six areas of animation: 3-D modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and character rigging (creating a digital skeleton) and motion. Your primary tool will be the powerful animation software, Maya, and you will experiment with other options.

Graduates of the program work primarily in the animated film and video game industries. In fact, eight of our alumni were part of the creative teams behind 2014 Oscar winner "Big Hero 6" and 2014 Golden Globe winner "How to Train Your Dragon 2". Others have found success working with educational software, forensics animation and advertising.


  • Delve into the technical side of and develop innovative tools for animation
  • Work on projects that can help automate animation processes, which can be used by others in the animation industry
  • Improve your career prospects and portfolio with real-world projects that allow you to work alongside faculty and real clients.
  • Access knowledge and experience of professors who are leading experts in animation and its uses for healthcare, education, human-computer interaction, scientific visualization, assistive technology, film and games.
  • Gain leadership skills and network with other experts as part of Purdue Polytechnic New Albany ACM SIGGRAPH chapter, the first student chapter of the professional computer graphics organization.
  • Utilize the Polytechnic learning environment to become a career-ready graduate


Joseph Sriver Alumni Profile
Although I had been drawing prior to attending Purdue, I had little formal training in design theory. I have applied what I learned at Purdue about good design and the philosophies of forming it through my career.
Joseph Sriver
Computer Graphics Technology '97