Computer Graphics Technology

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Use your creativity to bring all kinds of ideas to life, from animation to production simulations, and from game studies to web design.

In Purdue’s computer graphics program, you will turn your ideas (and ideas of others) into 3D models, digital animations, videos, interactive products and more.

Wherever people need to visualize a final product or another world, the skills of a computer graphics graduate can help.

The CGT degree in New Albany focuses on entertainment and media design. Courses include topics such as 3D modeling, animation, game studies, web programming & design, graphic design, illustration, photography, digital audio and video production.



Majors: Animation, Game Development and Design and Web Programming & Design

Special features

  • Take advantage of the flexible curriculum to specialize in an area based on your interests and talents
  • Benefit from faculty experience in computer graphics careers
  • Gain industry-standard experience in facilities with the latest technologies

  • Improve your career prospects with real-world projects that allow you to work alongside faculty and for actual clients.
  • Become a part of the new STEAM Design Center.





Joe Mack Alumni Profile
Purdue gave me the foundation of technical skills I needed and built my confidence in a rapidly changing industry. This field required a great deal of initiative and ongoing personal education in order to be successful and competitive.
Joe Mack
Computer Graphics Technology '93