Web Programming and Design

Web Programming and Design Degree at Purdue University

Web Programming and Design

A major in the Computer Graphics Technology Program

Before most web sites and mobile applications are launched, there is a vast amount of planning, programming and testing that takes place. When you study web programming and design at Purdue University, you will gain expertise in all aspects of this development process.

Each web and mobile project has its own set of requirements. Will it need to allow financial transactions? Does it need to store and retrieve customer information? How will it operate on different platforms?

The courses in the web programming and design major will help you answer those questions and design a final product that is functional, secure, and user-friendly. From PHP and open source MySQL to the Microsoft and ASP environments, you will gain a broad spectrum of programming capabilities and concepts that will allow you to prosper and adapt in this constantly changing industry.


  • Combine programming expertise with design sensibilities to be more marketable
  • Take advantage of other departmental expertise to add user experience and animation skills
  • Capitalize on the increasing demand for interactive experiences on every platform
  • Pair your skills with campus entrepreneurial efforts to prepare for your own business or service.
  • Utilize the Polytechnic learning environment to become a career-ready graduate