CoT External Funding July-September 2013

From July 1 to Sept. 30, 2013, the College of Technology received external funding that totaled $3,956,479.

Faculty who received funding (all are principal investigators unless otherwise noted) were:

  • Nicoletta Adamo-Villani (co-PI), Computer Graphics Technology, Connecting Mathematical Ideas through Animated Multimodal Instruction, University Of Wisconsin-Madison, $80,567
  • Gary Bertoline, Dean, Intergovernmental Personnel Act for Richard Voyles, National Science Foundation, $43,182
  • Po Ya “Abel” Chuang, Mechanical Engineering Technology:
    • Study of the impact of Infrared on Water Electrolysis, Aldi Far-Ir Products Inc, $10,000
    • High Efficiency Combined Heat and Power System, Industrial Technology Res Institute, $79,375
  • Melissa Dark, Computer and Information Technology, and Brandeis Marshall, Computer and Information Technology:
    • (both co-PI) Preparing Cyber Security Leaders- Supplement, National Science Foundation, $340,997
    • (Dark, PI; Marshall, co-PI) INSuRE EAGER, National Science Foundation, $299,927
  • Jenny Daugherty, Technology Leadership and Innovation, An Examination of Science and Technology Teachers' Conceptual Learning Through Concept-Learning Based Engineering Professional Development; Amendment 2, Black Hills State University, $110,697
  • Brian Dillman (PI), Mary Johnson (co-PI), Aviation Technology, Project 3: Angle of Attack Equipment General Aviation Operations, Federal Aviation Administration, $128,305
  • Nathalie Duval-Couetil, Technology Leadership and Innovation
    • University of Niznhi Novgorod InnoBusiness Mentoring, University of Nizhni Novgorod, $28,852
    • Kauffman Foundation Continuation Grant: Global, Purdue University, $10,000
  • Richard Fanjoy, Aviation Technology
    • Graduate Student funding (2), Purdue Univ F N Andrews Fellowship, $34, 980
    • Graduate Student funding, Purdue Univ Special Initiative Program, $16,187.86
    • Graduate Student funding, Knox, David M. Endowment, $19,425
  • Thomas Hacker (co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, U.S. CMS Operations at LHC - Mod 4, Princeton University, $106,521.36
  • Bradley Harriger (PI), Mechanical Engineerg Technology, and Alka Harriger (co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, Strategies: Teaching Engineering Concepts to Harness Future Innovators and Technologists (TECHFIT), National Science Foundation, $1,199,969
  • Nathan Hartman, Computer Graphics Technology, Product Lifecycle Management Center of Excellence (PLM), General Motors Foundation, $50,000
  • William Hutzel, Mechanical Engineering Technology:
    • ASHRAE IRG, Ashrae, Inc., $50,000
    • Biowall's Impact on Indoor Air Quality and Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, $5,100
  • Todd Kelley (co-PI), Technology Leadership and Innovation, Science Learning through Engineering Design (SLED) Targeted Partnership - Amend 2, National Science Foundation, $278,466.40
  • Chad Laux (PI), Technology Leadership and Innovation; Duane Dunlap (co-PI), Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology; Patrick Connolly (co-PI), Computer Graphics Technology; Rick Homkes (co-PI), Computer and Information Technology, Engineering Technology Pathways: The Food and Foodstuff Supply Chain - Amend 3, National Science Foundation, $107,122.52
  • Chien-Tsung Lu (co-PI), Aviation Technology, Partnership to Enhance General Aviation Safety, Accessibility, and Sustainability (PEGASAS); Amendment 2; Federal Aviation Administration,  $28,549.50
  • Alejandra Magana, Computer and Information Technology
    • (co-PI) Li-Ion Battery Ceramics: Structural and Microstructural Evolution Mechanisms of Processing under an Electric Field, National Science Foundation, $35,000
    • (co-PI) MathWorks Proposals for Innovative Curricula: Integrating Computation into Mechanical Engineering Core, MathWorks, $20,000
    • Computational Worked Examples for Scaffolding Student Representational Fluency, National Science Foundation, $219,722.30
    • (co-PI) Engaged interdisciplinary learning in sustainability, University Of California - Santa Cruz, $24,997.50
  • Eric Matson (PI), Anthony Smith (co-PI) Computer and Information Technology, NIPA Capstone Project 2013 Fall, National IT Industry Promo Agency, $230,000
  • John Mott, Aviation Technology, A3IR CORE, Multi-Sponsored Industrials, $30,000
  • James Mohler, Associate Dean
    • Ross Graduate Fellowship-Assistantships (2), $35,045.87
    • Graduate Student Funding, Purdue Univ F N Andrews Fellowship, $17,175
  • Kathryne Newton, Technology Leadership and Innovation, Coordination of University of Industrial Distribution Program, University Of Industrial Distribution, $10,000
  • Edie Schmidt (PI), Chad Laux and Kathryne Newton, Technology Leadership and Innovation, Collaborative Project: Technology-Based Logistics: Leveraging Indiana's Role as the Crossroads of America, National Science Foundation, $144,065
  • Pankaj Sharma (co-PI), Technology Leadership and Innovation, Inspiring Future Leaders of Energy, Duke Energy Foundation, $3,000
  • Matthew Stephens, Technology Leadership and Innovation, Research Prof Dev, Thomas And Linda Hjertquist, $750
  • Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Computer Graphics Technology:
    • (co-PI) Collaborative Research: Deep Insights Anytime, Anywhere (DIA2) - Central Resource for Characterizing the TUES Portfolio through Interactive Knowledge Mining and Visualizations, National Science Foundation, $70,500
    • (co-PI) Collaborative Research (EAGER): Data Ecosystem for Catalyzing Transformative Research in Engineering Education, National Science Foundation, $75,000
  • Bernard Wulle, Aviation Technology, Purdue Able Flight for Disabled Veterans, Coalition Salute Americas Hero, $13,000

The amounts listed are disbursements in a specific month and may not reflect the entire amount of a project’s funding.

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