Faculty Select External Funding

Future Work and Learning

Faculty Select External Funding

Funded research awards for September-December 2023 (bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic Future Work and Learning faculty):

Moore. T., Douglas. K., Guzey. S., Hynes. M., Strimel. G. (2023). SCALE K-12 Silicon Crossroads ME Commons. US Dept. of Defense. PI: $100,000.00. Total: $2,500,000.00.

Tao. C. (2023). Rheological Behavior of Fresh Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) Enhanced by Nano-Additives and Data-Driven Approaches. American Concrete Institute. PI: $57,500.00.

Sparkling. A. (2023). Addressing a Changing Trade Workforce: Strategies for Electrical Contractors. Industry Partner. PI: $21,986.00.

Tao. C. (2023). Computational and Experimental Investigation of Rheological Behavior of Oil-Water Multiphase Flow in Long-Distance Pipe. American Chemical Society. PI: $110,000.00. Total: $110,000.00.

Chang. S., Chen. Y. (2023). Synthesis Study on Applying Solar Power Systems in Indiana's Right of Way (ROW) and INDOT-Owned Facilities. US Department of Transportation. PI: $99,188.00.

Leon-Salas. W. D., ElShahat. A. (2023). Renewable Energy Center for High Andean Communities. Universidad Nacional de San Agustin. PI: $995,432.00.

Dunlop. S., Chen. Y., Ukkusuri. S. (2023). INDOT Training Gap Analysis, Developing a Training Program for INDOT Workforce Development and Smart Tool for Effective Planning for Workforce. US Department of Transportation. PI: $85,879.74. Total: $257,665.00.

Athinarayanan. R., Li. X., Jun. M. B-G. (2023). Purdue SMIC Market Engagement Development. US Department of Energy. PI: $50,750.00. Total: $72,500.00.

Song. C., Byrd. V., Haqiqi. I., Hertel. T., Johnson. D., Merwade. V., Ward. M. (2023). Geospatial Institute for Digital Innovation to Enhance Resilience and Sustainability. National Science Foundation. PI: $58,800.00. Total: $490,000.00.

Parsons. P. (2023). A Center of Excellence to Extend Access, Expand the Community, and Exemplify Good Practices for CI Through Science Gateways. National Science Foundation. PI: $70,685.00.

Warsinger. D., Garcia-Bravo. J. Batch Counterflow Reverse Osmosis. Industry Partner. PI: $62,500.00. Total: $249,999.00.

Lercel. D., Nanda. G., Patankar. M. (2023). The Future of Aviation Inspection: Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality as Agents of Transformation. National Science Foundation. PI: $250,000.00.

Mao. H., Athinarayanan. R., Voyles. R. (2023). 3D Printing of Holographic Optical Processors. National Science Foundation. PI: $497,765.00.

Chen. Y., Zhang. J., Feng. Y. (2023). Automated Personalized Ergo Risk Project. US Department of Transportation. PI: $189,950.36. Total: $283,508.00.