Computer Graphics Technology

Use your creativity to bring all kinds of ideas to life, from animation to production simulations, and from gaming to building designs. In Purdue’s computer graphics program, you will turn your ideas (and ideas of others) into models, digital animations, interactive games and more.

Wherever people need to visualize a final product or another world, the skills of a computer graphics graduate can help.

In addition to a general computer graphics degree, you can develop more in-depth knowledge and skills in other areas:

  • Web Programming & Design
  • Technical animation
  • Manufacturing graphics
  • Construction graphics
  • Virtual product integration

Special features

  • Take advantage of the flexible curriculum to specialize in an area based on your interests and talents
  • Benefit from faculty experience in graphic or communication careers
  • Gain industry-standard experience in labs and facilities with the latest technologies
  • Improve your career prospects with real-world research projects that allow you to work alongside faculty and for actual clients

Mike Alder
In an industry like construction that has been traditionally slow to adopt new technologies and streamlined processes, there is a real need for professionals who have not only the technical knowledge but also the ability to think creatively about how to apply those technologies for the betterment of building design and construction.
Mike Alder
Computer Graphics Technology '05
  • Character animation and video games
  • artificial life and virtual reality
  • Interactive media, social media, apps
  • Real-time rendering
  • Cyberinfrastructure
  • Building information modeling
  • e-Commerce and e-Business

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