Organizational Leadership

The Organizational Leadership program offers a highly individualized, practical approach to leadership. You will focus on interpersonal skills, quality, and change implementation. You’ll also be able to complete internships that will further develop your skills and better prepare you for career opportunities. OL graduates are a source of professional talent for leadership positions in business, industry, government, and other organizations.

  • Combines traditional leadership methods with the latest cutting-edge concepts
  • Smaller classes taught by faculty from a variety of professional backgrounds
  • Employers actively seek OL graduates because of the practical skills they bring to the workplace
John McDonald Alumni Profile
Along with my degree, Purdue’s reputation, a strong work ethic, and bright colleagues, I was able to advance in my profession. Moreover, my degree gave me the confidence to manage a wide variety of people in many differing situations.
John McDonald
Organizational Leadership & Supervision ’68