Electrical Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology

A major in the Electrical Engineering Technology Program

When you study electrical engineering technology, you study the lifeblood of today’s technology: electronics and computers. Electronics technology is a part of almost everything society relies on, including air conditioning, airplanes, automobiles, cell phones, computers, trains, televisions and more. And because technology is constantly evolving, you will be engaged in learning methods that will help you adapt to and embrace new technologies and their uses.

The electrical engineering principles you will learn can be applied in a wide range of careers, including biomedical, communications, entertainment, green energy, manufacturing and transportation. Our graduates further scientific advancements in a variety of industries, impacting lives and improving everyday uses of technology.

Special Features

  • Create impactful electronic projects in your first semester.
  • Capitalize on real-world experience of your professors and industry partners.
  • Apply your knowledge to a senior design project aimed at solving a current business or industry problem.
Christopher Baker Alumni Profile
Purdue's Electrical Engineering Technology and co-op programs gave me the confidence, experience and opportunity to compete against the best.
Christopher Baker
Electrical Engineering Technology '89