Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mechanical Engineering Technology

A major in the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program

The careers of mechanical engineering technology graduates take them to a variety of employers (e.g. Rockwell Automation, Fender Guitars, Lockheed Martin, Caterpillar). Yet they have many skills in common: problem-solving, leadership and teamwork. The program focuses on the methods, materials, machinery and manpower necessary to effectively operate in a manufacturing environment. You'll learn how to manage people, machines, and production resources to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.

Areas of emphasis include nano/micro-manufacturing, sustainable energy, green manufacturing and robotics.

Special features

  • Prepares graduates for careers in product improvement, industrial processes and plant operations
  • Learn communication skills that allow you to interact with technical and non-technical colleagues
  • Benefit from faculty experience in industrial careers
  • Participate in applied research projects with professors to gain experience solving real-world technical problems
Francis McPhillips Alumni Profile
While a student at the Statewide Technology Program at New Albany, I had the privilege of having two of the finest educators, mentors, and later colleagues: Prof. Edmund Gohmann and Mr. Robert Dietrich. They both believed that students need to learn to think for themselves and to be creative in their thoughts and actions. Purdue's School of Technology and the Statewide Technology Program develops and enhances thinking and creative skills; thus you can become a creative thinker.
Francis McPhillips
Mechanical Engineering Technology '82