Welding Lab

The School of Engineering Technology’s welding lab is a mixed use metal fabrication area to expose students to common fabrication and joining processes while providing fabrication services to SOET senior design teams. Common processes include soldering, brazing, stick, mig, and tig welding.

Students are provided an active hands on environment design and fabricate assemblies and fixtures using common joining practices listed above.  These fixtures and assemblies are used as feeder items into other laboratories such as the Caterpillar Smart Foundry, Senior Capstone Laboratory, Intelligent Learning Factory, and the Machining and Fabrication Laboratory.

The laboratory serves:

  • MET 143 (Materials and Processes I)
  • ENGT 480/481 (ET Capstone I/II)
  • MET 581 (Welding Technology for Mfg/Ag)
  • ABE 501 (Welding Engineering)

Available Equipment:

  • 4 Lincoln Square Wave Tig 275 stick/tig welders
  • 5 Miller Dialarc HF stick/tig welders
  • 1 Miller Dynasty 300 stick/mig/tig welder
  • 1 Miller MPS-10AFT resistance “spot” welder
  • Bend tester
  • Oxy-Acetylene torches
  • Dewalt abrasive hot saw
  • Misc forming tools
Facility Location Faculty Contact
LMBS B239A Clayton Kibbey, Milan Rakita, Gozdem Kilaz