Second Dean's Lecture features expert in smart manufacturing grand strategy

Sudarsan Rachuri (center) with collected Purdue Polytechnic faculty at the Dean's Lecture Series. (Photo credit/Justin Yang)

On March 26, Purdue Polytechnic faculty joined Sudarsan Rachuri, an influential scholar in smart manufacturing, for his presentation in the Dean's Lecture Series. These lectures are designed to bring together communities of researchers, inviting them to a collaborative and ross-disciplinary discussion of how technology may best meet the needs of global industries.

Justin Yang, Purdue Polytechnic's associate dean for research, hosted the event. "[Rachuri's] role in shaping national strategy for smart manufacturing has truly set benchmarks in the field," Yang said. "We had a fantastic turnout with students and faculty fully engaged—a testament to the relevance and impact of Dr. Rachuri's work. Thank you to all who made it a success!"



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