Aviation and Transportation Technology

The School of Aviation and Transportation Technology is widely recognized as a leader in aviation education. Students learn from faculty with rich industry experience and ongoing research that will improve the future of aviation. From air traffic control to NextGen aviation research, the department is leading the way to produce the best graduates and best knowledge in the aviation and aerospace industry. A part of the school's success is its top-of-the-line fleet that includes almost two dozen airplanes and several virtual training simulators.

In addition to the degrees listed below, the School of Aviation and Transportation Technology offers a program to qualifying undergraduates who wish to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years.

Undergraduate Degree Options

Design, operate and maintain equipment that is essential in aircraft manufacturing. Turbine and jet engines, wind tunnels and virtual computer simulators are tools of the trade.
Help aerospace companies navigate through complex data and agreements to ensure sound financial footing.
Explore the complex airline system while learning about the variety of business decisions that can affect success.
Explore the intricacies of operating an airport while learning about the variety of business decisions that can affect success.
Study the aviation industry to prepare to manage an airport, lead a team of air traffic controllers, run a company or help set aviation policy.
Take to the skies in our planes or practice in our simulators as you prepare for a career as a commercial, corporate or charter pilot.
Examine the entire system surrounding the unmanned aerial industry, including design, operations, sensors, commerce and policy.

Graduate Degrees

Aviation industry growth is fueling a need for leaders with skills such as operational analysis, safety systems development, project management, systems integration and environmental sustainability.
Take advantage of a doctorate to develop expertise in a specific technological area and become an advanced leader, researcher, professor or supervisor in technology.
Develop the skills necessary to become a leader in the aviation industry. Subject matter applies to a wide range of careers that support aviation and aerospace endeavors. All course offered online.