Aviation Safety Management Graduate Certificate (Online)

Aviation Safety Management Graduate Certificate (Online)

Prepare for Leadership Roles in Aviation Safety

If you’re looking to advance within the challenging, specialized world of aviation, Purdue’s Graduate Certificate in Aviation Safety Management will help you gain knowledge to develop, lead, and execute effective aviation safety programs. Taught by professors with distinguished educational backgrounds and work experience in civilian aviation, military aviation and governmental roles, our industry-specific courses will prepare you for numerous aviation roles.

Economic forecasts suggest that a steady increase in traveling passenger and air cargo requirements will fuel a dramatic expansion of the aviation industry, and require a complete restructure of the existing air transportation system architecture. This industry growth is generating a wide range of opportunities in the aviation industry for individuals who possess aviation and aerospace management skills such as managing risks, safety systems development, and related interdisciplinary skills.

Gain Practical Knowledge and Apply it in the Real World

The curriculum is designed to enable aviation professionals to evaluate safety operations within their work place and develop comprehensive aviation safety programs to proactively address potential safety hazards and issues. 

This program is 100% online, so you can get your degree at your own pace, from anywhere in the world, choosing times for class work and study that fit your lifestyle. Courses are offered in a rolling format that allows you to complete the 12 required credit hours in 12 months to 3 years, with professors available online or by phone to assist.

The learning objectives include:

  • Explore the nature of human error and error chains
  • Analyze methods for assessing risk and predicting error generation potentials 
  • Examine strategies to develop protocols for safety management programs

MS in Aviation and Aerospace Management

For students who are more interested in a master's program, we offer a Master's in 'Aviation and Aerospace Management'. Four courses are required for the certificate program (12 credit hours), all of which may be credited to the existing MS in Aviation and Aerospace Management degree in the event that the student opts to continue in the MS degree program. For more information, please visit MS in Aviation and Aerospace Management (Online)