Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory

The Multidisciplinary Design Laboratory (MDL) is aiming to 21st century industrial product innovation and development. It provides a platform for innovative multidisciplinary product design. The MDL gives students career skills training and lets them share creative ideas, stretch out-of-box thinking, exercise their talents and prototype their dream based on real-world experience and requirements. The MDL supports MET 400 (Capstone Design). It also provides research and development facilities for MET doctoral and master’s students.

The lab has served as the platform for innovative product development and for the department’s recent endeavors in electric vehicle design. Undergraduate students took the lead on developing and building the MET PowerSaver Go Kart, which captured second place in Purdue’s inaugural EV Grand Prix race in 2010. Students have also been active in designing a slow water generator, an electric bike and a flywheel generator.

Research application:

The research conducted in the lab has generated solutions for several industry partners, including AAM, Saturn, Janel Hydro, and others. The creation of an Optical Automatic Transmission Sensor has resulted in a U.S. Patent application, while several other designs are in the disclosure process.

Current research:

  • Virtual prototyping of mechatronic devices via Labview and Solidworks
  • Digital valve actuated by Ultrasonic Motor
  • Low-cost biomedical imaging via inexpensive laser scanning
  • Solar tracker design
  • Slow water generator design
  • Digital hydraulics
  • Diagnosis of hydraulic piston pump
  • Two-wheel, self-balancing scooter

Lab equipment:

  • 14 computers
  • Digital oscilloscope
  • Power supply
  • Signal generator
  • Ultrasonic motor test rig
  • Tools
  • MET PowerSaver Go Kart
  • Two-wheel, self-balancing scooter
  • Solar tracker

Outside funding and support:

  • (1) 2007-2008 Ford Stewardship: Mechatronics Lab support $25,000
  • (2) 2008-2009 Ford Stewardship: Mechatronics Lab support $25,000
  • 2011 Smalley gift for MET 400 (Capstone Design), $5,000
  • 2010 Smalley gift for MET 400 (Capstone Design), $5,000
  • 2010 ArcelorMittal supports MET 400 (Capstone Design), $7,400.
Facility Location Faculty Contact
POTR B037 Haiyan (Henry) Zhang