Hammoud receives inaugural Steps to Leap award

Abrar HammoudPurdue’s Steps to Leaps steering committee recognized four winners, including a Polytechnic professor, of the inaugural Steps to Leaps awards during the spring 2022 semester.

Abrar Hammoud, clinical assistant professor of technology leadership and innovation, received the Award for Academic Integration of Steps to Leaps, which recognizes an educator who has woven Steps to Leaps into her pedagogy.

Hammoud is one of the leaders of the Teaching Excellence Collaborative, a group in Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute that supports faculty teaching efforts. She has worked to incorporate the leadership and professional development competencies of the Roger C. Stewart Leadership and Professional Development Department into Purdue Polytechnic curricula. She supports student well-being as a mental health first aid trainer, training nearly 100 members of the Purdue community. Hammoud also contributeed to the Steps to Leaps Tip of the Week Series, which provides well-being tips for students, faculty and staff.

During fall 2020, she led efforts to produce a series of projection art installations on prominent campus buildings, including the Córdova Recreational Sports Center and Krannert Graduate School of Management. Colleagues say Hammoud’s encouragement for students to fail “spectacularly” so they strengthen and leverage grit contributes significantly to the resilience of students in Purdue Polytechnic.

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