'Persistent Pursuit' features Brittany Gallarneau, Boilermaker in flight

Brittany Gallarneau (BS professional flight ’21) narrates the "Boilermakers in Flight” video. (Purdue University photo/The Persistent Pursuit)

The Persistent Pursuit recently told the story of Purdue Polytechnic's 2021 professional flight alumna, Brittany Gallarneau.

“I decided I wanted to fly when I was about 17,” Gallarneau says. “My dad [Hugh Gallarneau, American Airlines 737 captain] was my first flight instructor; he taught me while I earned my private pilot’s license.”

Aviation was something Gallarneau wanted to pursue professionally, and Purdue was the right place for her to take her next steps and earn a professional flight degree.

“Purdue is one of the best aviation schools in the country,” she says. “But I also wanted to feel like I was going to college to have a broader experience and go somewhere with great school spirit.”

Read on to learn about how Gallarneau found her school spirit, her upstart career with Envoy Air, and much more.

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