Prepare for a construction career focused on safe demolition and effective restoration in a variety of built environments.

Demolition and Restoration Management in the Built Environment

Not all construction work is new construction. As buildings age, as new products and techniques are adopted, and as disasters occur, a specific set of skills is needed for safely taking down structures or restoring them.

When you major in demolition and restoration management in the built environment at Purdue University, you will study the unique features of this sector of the construction industry. The School of Construction Management Technology has been a leader in this field for several years.

You will examine the common lifecycles of structures and learn new skills that will be critical for disaster restoration after natural or man-made disasters. You will gain a broad exposure to construction management topics while focusing on these highly specialized areas. Your courses will expose you to project management skills, and your capstone course will allow you to apply your new skills to a well-integrated demolition and disaster restoration project management process and solution. This built environment degree plan of study includes technical and managerial concepts for reconstruction interwoven throughout the coursework.

Meet our faculty, most of whom have industry experience.


  • Combine the growing demand for graduates with this knowledge with a major that few universities offer
  • Network with leading demolition and restoration organizations
  • Take advantage of project-based learning in updated labs and with some of the newest technology in the industry, such as 3D laser scanners and robotic total stations
  • Gain valuable experience as you complete 800 hours of on-site construction work as part of your graduation requirements
  • Utilize the Polytechnic learning environment to become a career-ready graduate

What can I do?

Project manager
Operations manager
Safety manager
Cost estimator

Where can I go?

Ideal Construction
Brandenburg Industrial Services
Stanley LaBOunty Manufacturing Inc.
Kinsale Contracting Group Inc.
One of my favorite internships was spending the summer on a restoration project in New Jersey at Long Beach Island. The beach had been affected by Hurricane Sandy, and we came in on a restoration project to rebuild their beach and sand dunes.
Adam Zimmerman
Building Construction Management

What to expect in Demolition and Restoration Management in the Built Environment

Core courses

BCM 10001 Introduction to Construction
BCM 11201 Construction Surveying Fundamentals
BCM 17500 Construction Materials and Methods
BCM 21200 Construction Layout
BCM 21500 Mechanical Construction
BCM 21601 Electrical Construction
BCM 27500 Construction Plans and Measurements
BCM 28500 Construction Mechanics
BCM 30101 Introduction to Construction Company Financial Management
BCM 32000 Introduction to Disaster Restoration and Reconstruction Management
BCM 33000 Introduction to Demolition and Reconstruction Management
BCM 33100 Demolition and Restoration Project Management
BCM 34500 Scheduling
BCM 35000 Construction Site Planning
BCM 35501 Construction Site Supervision
BCM 37500 Estimating
BCM 38000 Concrete Construction
BCM 38501 Soils in Construction
BCM 45500 Construction Business and Contracts
BCM 45701 Construction Safety
BCM 47500 Construction Costs
BCM 48701 Construction Capstone

What it's like to be a TECHIE!

The Polytechnic learning environment

Our learning experience is designed to produce graduates who not only have deep knowledge, applied skills, and experiences in their chosen discipline, but also problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership skills sought by industries and communities.

About the department

The School of Construction Management Technology focuses on providing the education and skills necessary to groom leaders in the construction industry. The education and research conducted at Purdue affects the safety and quality of all built environments.

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