Learn about the complexities of a healthcare facility and apply the knowledge in a construction management career.

Healthcare Construction Management

Building any state-of-the art healing facility requires knowledge of special regulations and technical requirements. From complex research hospitals and cancer treatment centers to urgent care buildings and assisted living facilities, healthcare construction projects all include systems that are vital to the success of the facility’s operations.

When you study for your healthcare construction management degree at Purdue University, you will focus on the unique features of this sector of the construction industry.

With the rapid growth of technology in the healthcare and hospital construction industry, as well as the increased specialization of the work, it is important for you to understand the regulations and risks associated with these healthcare-related projects. For example, all hospitals have strict regulations for mechanical, electrical, security and medical gas systems. Once you understand the unique issues and components, you will view a hospital design differently than an office building design.

Many healthcare-related construction projects are additions or renovations to existing facilities that must remain operational during construction. Careful and detailed scheduling is another special consideration for professionals in this field.

While the focus is healthcare construction, your courses will also expose you to construction methods and project management skills that can be applied to all construction projects. This major is offered by the School of Construction Management Technology.

Meet our faculty, most of whom have industry experience.


  • Take advantage of opportunities to attend national conventions and meet leaders in the healthcare construction world as a member of ASHE (American Society for Healthcare Engineering). Purdue is home to the first student chapter of this organization.
  • Obtain ASHE certification as Certified Healthcare Constructor or Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager.
  • Be highly marketable to national companies known for healthcare construction because of the specialized nature of this major.
  • Gain valuable experience as you complete 800 hours of on-site construction work as part of your graduation requirements.
  • Utilize the Polytechnic learning environment to become a career-ready graduate

What can I do?

Healthcare Facilities Manager
Project manager
Project engineer

Where can I go?

Pepper Construction
Messer Construction
McCarthy Building Companies
Meyer Najem Construction
Purdue is one of the best colleges for construction management programs. I’m a construction freak - the faculty are really good and I’m loving my courses here!
Zenith R.
BCM Masters student

What to expect in Healthcare Construction Management

Core courses

BCM 10001 Introduction to Construction
BCM 17500 Construction Materials and Methods
BCM 11201 Construction Surveying Fundamentals
BCM 21200 Construction Layout
BCM 21500 Mechanical Construction
BCM 21601 Electrical Construction
BCM 27500 Construction Plans and Measurements
BCM 25001 Construction Project And Administrative Management
BCM 28500 Construction Mechanics
BCM 30101 Introduction to Construction Company Financial Management
BCM 34000 Introduction to Healthcare Construction Management
BCM 34100 Advanced Healthcare Construction Management
BCM 34500 Scheduling
BCM 35000 Construction Site Planning
BCM 35501 Construction Site Supervision
BCM 37500 Estimating
BCM 38000 Concrete Construction
BCM 38501 Soils in Construction
BCM 45500 Construction Business and Contracts
BCM 45701 Construction Safety
BCM 47500 Construction Costs
BCM 48701 Construction Capstone

What it's like to be a TECHIE!

The Polytechnic learning environment

Our learning experience is designed to produce graduates who not only have deep knowledge, applied skills, and experiences in their chosen discipline, but also problem solving, critical thinking, communications, and leadership skills sought by industries and communities.

About the department

The School of Construction Management Technology focuses on providing the education and skills necessary to groom leaders in the construction industry. The education and research conducted at Purdue affects the safety and quality of all built environments.

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