Julia RayzJulia Rayz, PhD, Lab Director & Associate Professor, CIT

Victor RaskinVictor Raskin, PhD, Distinguished Professor, English & Linguistics

Graduate Students

PhD Students

Gilchan ParkGilchan Park, MS. 
Thesis: Text-based phishing detection using a simulation model (2013) 
Dissertation: Towards ontology-based phishing detection. Expected graduation: May 2018

Cheryl HsiangChien-yi (Cheryl) Hsiang, MS 
Research Interests: Language and social dynamics, computational social science, machine learning 
Dissertation: Predicting popularity of ideas and individuals in online communities. Expected graduation: May 2018


Saltanat TazhibaevaSaltanat Tazhibaeva, MS. 
Thesis: Moving object detection for interception by a humanoid robot (2014); 
Dissertation topic: TBD

studentShih-Feng Yang, MS. 
Thesis: An event detection approach based on Twitter hashtags (2016); 
Dissertation topic: TBD

Shannon JingShannon Jing, MS. 
Thesis: Concept-level sentiment analysis of online hotel reviews (2017); 
Dissertation topic: TBD

MS Students

Hemanth DevarapalliHemanth Devarapalli 
Thesis topic: Forced attention for image captioning. Expected graduation: May, 2018

Parag GurujiParag Guruji 
Thesis topic: Popularization in media: perception and reality. Expected graduation: May, 2018

studentPiyush Kishore 
Thesis topic: Plagiarism detection using Natural Language Processing. Expected graduation: May, 2018

Chinmay TalekarChinmay Talekar 
Research interests: Interests: Sentiment analysis, Deep learning, Blockchain. 
Thesis topic: Sentiment analysis of financial news and microblogs. Expected graduation: May, 2018

Qiaofei YeQiaofei Ye, thesis topic: TBD

Undergraduate Students

Kanishka Misra, project: Stylometry of online predator chatlogs 


MS Students

Penghao Wang 
Thesis: Extract restaurant aspect words by using word2vec model from Yelp reviews (2017) 

Robert Hinh, Ford Motor Company 
Thesis: Tool comparison of semantic parsers. (2016) 

Shih-Feng Yang, currently a PhD student 
Thesis: An event detection approach based on Twitter hashtags (2016) 

Louis Hickman, currently a PhD student 
Thesis: Calculating the meaning of unattested adjectives (2015) 

Tatiana Ringenberg, currently a PhD student 
Thesis: Creating, testing and implementing a method for retrieving conversational inference with ontological semantics and defaults. (2015) 

Gilchan Park, currently a PhD student 
Thesis: Text-based phishing detection using a simulation model (2013) 

Ji Hyeon Hong, LGE 
Thesis: Ontology-based robotics communication using natural language processing in the firefighting domain (2013) 


Undergraduate Students

Miranda Lung, project: Graph-based processing of natural language