Teaching and Outreach

Outreach Platform: Neu-pulator: Neurally Controlled Manipulator

Neu-pulator is an outreach platform to introduce co-robots and co-workers. Neu-Pulator uses either wireless Trigno or wired Bagnoli EMG systems (Delsys, Inc.) with NI LabView for collecting the surface EMG signals from the arm muscles. Arduino Mega board is used for filtering and commanding the servos of the low-cost arm.



Educational Platform: Comparing Control of a Manipulator and its 3D Model

This platform is developed to practice control of a manipulator using a user interface and 3D simulation. A 3D CAD assembly of the manipulator using Solidworks is used to develop a real-time simulation in Simulink. The output of the simulation is delivered to the physical manipulator as the input, to observe the difference in the performance of the physical and the simulated manipulators. A graphical user interface (GUI) allows communications with the simulation, which in turn, would control the manipulator motion.