Polytechnic research awards - May 2022

Funded research awards for May 2022. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • Project 35: Enhanced Hands-Minimized Weather Interfaces for Pilots
    Investigator(s): Mary Johnson, Barrett Caldwell**, Brandon Pitts; Sponsor: Federal Aviation Administration; Polytechnic: $18,000; Total: $60,000
  • Research Initiation: Developing Spatial Visualization and Understanding of Complex Systems via Interactive Mixed Reality Modules
    Investigator(s): Farid Breidi**, Jose Garcia Bravo, Paul Asunda; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Polytechnic: $199,996
  • USAID Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure in Ukraine - Higher Education Capacity Building
    Investigator(s): Marc Rogers**; Sponsor: Florida International University;Polytechnic: $117,179
  • Analysis of heteroatom-containing compounds in tactical fuels for resilient logistics
    Investigator(s): Gozdem Kilaz**, Hilkka Kenttamaa; Sponsor: Office of Naval Research; Polytechnic: $74,999.40; Total: $124,999
  • Strategic Assessment of Needs and Opportunities for Wider Adoption of Renewable Energy and Electrification in Indiana - Phase 2
    Investigator(s): Kyubyung Kang **, Samuel Labi : Sponsor: Indiana Department of Transportation; Polytechnic: $28,538.40; Total: $86,480
  • Modeling Feedstock Performance and Conversion Operations
    Investigator(s): Pankaj Sharma, Michael Ladisch**, Rose Prabin, Kingsly Ambrose, Arezoo Motavalizadeh Ardekani, Abigail Engelberth, Kandra Erk, Marcial Gonzalez, Nathan Mosier, Eduardo Ximenes : Sponsor: U.S. Dept. of Energy; Polytechnic: $29,440.84; Total: $226,468
  • Multiscale, Multiphysics Study of Thermal and Nonthermal Directed Energy Biological Effects
    Investigator(s): Rajeswari Sundararajan, Allen Garner**, Ignacio Camarillo : Sponsor: Office of Naval Research; Polytechnic: $2500; Total: $50,000

**Indicates principal investigator

Total Polytechnic awards = $470,653.64