In order to ensure everyone’s safety and follow local directives, Purdue Polytechnic Kokomo is now operating via distance until further notice. All classes will be conducted online for the remainder of the semester.
• Prospective students or others looking for general information can contact us by email: techkokomo@purdue.edu.
• To contact our administration, call (765) 455-9339 or send an email to huntw@purdue.edu.

Purdue Polytechnic Kokomo enables students to live and work at home while receiving a first-class education. Courses are offered to accommodate the work schedules of part-time students and serve the needs of full-time students. On-campus child care also is available.

Our student population is a mix of traditional college-aged students who recently have graduated from high school and nontraditional students already in the workplace. This diversity brings a unique blend of education and experience into classroom discussions, benefiting all.

Our graduates find employment in business and industry in Kokomo and the surrounding communities. Additionally, Purdue serves as a resource for local business and industrial personnel who are updating their skills.