Army ROTC is one of the best leadership courses in the country and is part of your college curriculum.


Army ROTC is an elective curriculum you take along with your required college classes. It prepares you with the tools, training and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment. Along with great leadership training, Army ROTC can pay for your college tuition, and provide other monetary benefits. The best part of the ROTC program is that it allows you to have a normal college student experience like everyone else on campus, but when you graduate, you will be a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.


Training and Classes

Along with being a college student, ROTC requires you to undergo certain training events and classes here at Purdue and around the country. This includes Physical Fitness training, classroom lectures on military science, and labs where you learn and execute basic Army tactics.

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There are many opportunities within ROTC to better yourself and those around you. Aside from leadership opportunities, Purdue Army ROTC offers many clubs and teams that compete locally and nationally. Purdue Army ROTC also affords those worthy with Army school slots and opportunities to work with active Army units over the summer.

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Purdue Army ROTC has various ways to help you pay for college whether it is a 2, 3, or 4 year scholarship. These scholarships cover expenses like housing, books, and tuition. Being contracted also means you receive a monthly stipend for being in the program.

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