The Purdue Polytechnic Institute logo is created and administered by the Purdue University Office of Marketing and Communications. As part of an effort to refine Purdue's brand, logos for academic units were modified in January 2020 to include the standard Purdue Signature logo with the Motion P graphic and the name of the individual unit in an accompanying wordmark. The logos are known as academic co-brands. (The logos used prior to early 2018 which featured college names on the lower line of the standard Purdue logo were known as lockups; the academic co-brands used from early 2018 until early 2020 did not include the Motion P graphic.)

Co-brands for the college and for each of our locations around the state are available in vertical and horizontal versions. For academic units, offices and centers that fall under the Polytechnic umbrella, horizontal co-brands are available.

Usage Guidelines

There are correct and incorrect ways to use the logo. For example:

  • Clear space must be maintained on the left, right, top and bottom of the logo equivalent to the height of the Motion P element
  • The Motion P and other elements in the logo must not be altered in any way.
  • Colors in the logo must not be changed beyond those provided.

When resizing a logo, constrain the proportions of the graphic so that its aspect ratio remains correct. Otherwise, the logo might look stretched, squished, or both. Also, graphics in EPS format may be resized without loss of image quality. Graphics in PNG format may be reduced in size, but enlarging a PNG will result in a distorted appearance.

For the official guidelines, see Purdue Marketing and Communications’ instructions on proper usage.


To obtain a logo for Purdue Polytechnic or an academic unit, center or office within our college, contact us.


Logos as of 2020

Obsolete logos