Polytechnic research awards - November 2023

Funded research awards for November 2023. Bolded names are Purdue Polytechnic faculty or staff; starred names are the principal investigators.

  • Computational and Experimental Investigation of Rheological Behavior of Oil-Water Multiphase Flow in the Long-Distance Pipe
    Investigator(s): Chengcheng Tao**; Sponsor: American Chemical Society; Polytechnic: $110,000; Total: $110,000
  • Industry Partner Gift Letter
    Investigator(s): Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar**; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: $60,000
  • A New Aerial Platform for Turbulence Measurements in the Atmospheric Surface Layer
    Investigator(s): Nathan Rose**; Sponsor: University of Virginia; Polytechnic: $39,748
  • Additively Manufactured Piezoelectric PVdF for Energy Harvesting and Strain Monitoring
    Investigator(s): Robert Nawrocki**; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: $100,000
  • Mission-Aware Integrated Digital Transformation for Operational Advantage
    Investigator(s): Jitesh Panchal**, Mikail Atallah, Daniel Delaurentis, Nathan Hartman, Waterloo Tsutsui; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: $66,300; Total: $442,000
  • Development of a Smart Walking Cane
    Investigator(s): Milton Aguirre**; Sponsor: Indiana University; Polytechnic: $10,000
  • Universal Interoperability for Grid-Forming Inverters
    Investigator(s): Xiaonan Lu**; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: $150,000
  • Multiscale, Multiphysics Study of Thermal and Nonthermal Directed Energy Biological Effects
    Investigator(s): Allen Garner**, Ignacio Camarillo, Rajeswari Sundararajan; Sponsor: Office of Naval Research; Polytechnic: $6,037.55 Total: $120,751
  • Scalable Multi-Timescale Analysis Platform Based on System Transient and Dynamic Models
    Investigator(s): Xiaonan Lu**; Sponsor: US Department of Energy; Polytechnic: $210,000
  • Synthesis Study on Applying Solar Power Systems in Indiana's right of way (ROW) and INDOT-owned facilities
    Investigator(s): Sowoon Chang**, Yunfeng Chen; Sponsor: US Department of Transportation; Polytechnic: $99,188
  • Reducing Ginger Storage Losses with Women Producers in Nepal
    Investigator(s): Maria Bello Bravo**, Gary Burniske, Suranjan Panigrahi; Sponsor: Tufts University; Polytechnic: $64,680.16; Total: 700,000
  • A Cross-domain Dynamic Gateway
    Investigator(s): Nina Mahmoudian**, Mo Rastgaar; Sponsor: Office of Naval Research; Polytechnic: $73,248.20; Total: $1,304,993
  • Higher energy-content jet blending components derived from ethanol
    Investigator(s): Gozdem Kilaz**, Hilkka Kenttamaa, Nathan Mosier, John Sutherland, Rodney Trice ; Sponsor: US Department of Energy; Polytechnic: $148,710.40; Total: 371,776
  • Mold-free Manufacturing of High-Performance Tactile Sensors Through High Resolution 3D Printing and Conformal Polymer Coating
    Investigator(s): Huachao Mao**, Sunghwan Lee; Sponsor: National Science Foundation; Polytechnic: $510,541
  • ROK Army AI Capability Enhancement Program 2023
    Investigator(s): Eric Matson**, Eric Dietz, Anthony Smith; Sponsor: Industry Partner; Polytechnic: $40,000

**Indicates principal investigator

Total Polytechnic awards = $1,688,454.31